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This shoot was FREEZING! Do not let my smize fool you, the wind blew so hard I ripped my falsies off after the first few shots LOL. But as usual I had a lot of fun with my photographer Bryce! We found some cool wall art in West Philly near the El and let that be our backdrop. This shoot was especially exciting because I was able to wear one of my custom pieces. The jean jacket I have on is the first piece created for Good Samaritans, a clothing collective started by myself and my insanely creative partner in love and life. Our mutual passion for vintage fashion and custom clothing led us to create our own brand. Good Samaritan Clothing Collective is a lifestyle brand that adds a personal touch to new and vintage clothing. All pieces are specially sourced, hand crafted, and one of a kind. Starting this brand was a major progression for me. It takes all that I am to put my creative efforts out into the world. I think we all get a little afraid to share our ideas with others but the world would be far less cool if we did not!

How have you progressed in life so far? Any projects you’re afraid to start?

Photographer: Bryce Lennon

Fashion Details :

Jacket: Good Samaritans @gscc.phila

Poncho/Hoodie: Vintage from Mexico

Pants: Vintage, Iguana Vintage

Shoes: Nike

Choker: Made by me!


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Black is Beautiful…

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The past few weeks I’ve been feeling very creative. I have delved deep into my mind to create some amazing art and images. I’ve had some pretty far out there ideas and have found the courage to pursue a surprising amount of them. When I feel especially artistic  like this I tend to live in black, all black. It’s mysterious and chic regardless of anything. I felt well put together in this look despite its casual-ness. The hoodie I scored at a mens sporting goods store was love at first sight! It was simple but with enough detail on the pockets to gain many compliments on how “clean” I looked. I went for a dark blue lips, a signature of mine, and what I like to think is my best hairstyle, straight back braids. Dark makeup and braids makes me feel like the cool urban goth I think I wanted to be as a kid, despite a rather cleancut midwestern upbringing. I think we all have an inner look we want to bring out that goes against what others may know about you. But life in general is about finding the courage to be who you are, not what people want you to be, right?

Location: 30th Street Station

I was so nervous shooting here with so many people watching! Needless to say all eyes were on our little team lol.


Head Scarf: My late Grandmother’s ❤

Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Hoodie: Modell’s Sporting Goods

Leggings: American Apparel

Shoes: Aldo

Hair and Makeup: Myself!

Photographer: Catherine, (THE BEST) @cathalyse on Instagram

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